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Sub-Project Summary

A modern and reliable laboratory will be established in the CARS, DU for monitoring of atmospheric pollutants in the city of Dhaka. The activities under the proposed sub-project include refurbishing of laboratories, installation scientific instruments, training programs for technical and scientific personnel and offer of a graduate course on atmospheric chemistry and air quality monitoring for graduate students, experimental work for development of electrochemical sensing devices, cross-check of data on air pollutants from DoE and treatment of data with theoretical models. The major equipment will be obtained as donation from WU, Germany.

Additional equipment, spare parts and consumables will be procured under the sub-project. Experimental work for development of novel air sensor and simulation of air quality data will be performed in another laboratory equipped with sophisticated instruments and modern software procured under this sub-project. Research on the development of electrochemical sensors will be carried out to assemble portable and cheap sensors for NOx, CO2, CO, SOx and O3. Collaboration with the scientists in WU will be applied for attaining technical as well as scientific know-how in the field of air quality monitoring. A course on atmospheric chemistry and air quality monitoring will be introduced for graduate students of various Departments of Faculties of Science, Biological Science, Earth and Environment and Engineering and Technologies.

Collaborative research in the field of atmospheric chemistry and climate change among DU, the DoE of GoB and WU will be undertaken. Air quality data will be published regularly and the city-dwellers will be regularly appraised of the air quality.