Dr. Shahid Akthar Hossain

Position in the Institution

Department of Soil, Water and Environment;
Pro-V.C. of University of Dhaka;

Former Dean,
Faculty of Biological Sciences;

Researcher & Member, Council of CARS.

Position in the Sub-project

SPM (Sub-project Manager)

Phone  880-9661920-73/7489
E-mail :
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Dr. Zakia Parveen
Professor, Department of Soil Water and Environment
University of DhakaASPM (Alternate  Sub-project Manager)
Phone   :
E-mail :
Dr. Md. Mominul Islam
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Dhaka
Associate Sub-project Manager
Phone  +880-2) 9661920-73 Ext: 7165 Cell :01674420640; 01947558235
Fax : (+880-2)-8615583
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Hasina Akhter Simol
Associate Sub-project Manager
Phone +880-2) 9661920-73 Ext: 4630 Cell :
Fax : (+880-2)-8615583
E-mail :